"759" in company name comes from the HKEx stock code of its mother company "CEC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED" that listed on the Main Board of HK Stock Exchange since 1999. In chinese, 759STORE is called "759阿信屋(pronounced as 759Oshinya)" in which "ya" means "house" in Japanese and "Oshin" comes from a famous Asian TV drama in the 80`s telling a story of a Japanese woman named "Oshin" who overcame a lot of hardship during her whole life.
    759STORE hopes to provide good service to 
    our local residents like what "Oshin" does in that 

    759STORE aims to bring the high-quality lifestyle 
    and the consumption model in Japan residential area 
    to HK, inviting our customers to enjoy the shopping 
    environment and atmosphere that created by its modern 
    Japanese shop design. To provide good service and so 
    as more choice to HK locals, 759STORE always in 
    search of various products in countries all over the 
    world introduces the latest and most characteristic products 
    in those countries to HK under a parallel import procurement model so called "DIRECT IMPORT".

    The first shop of 759STORE was open at Kwai Chung Plaza in 2010. From that moment on, its shops are not only scattered over the commercial properties and the shopping malls in public and private housing estates but also deep insides the remote residential areas for our customers` easy access.

    Consistent with the pace of mass import, 759STORE adopts a proactive price-setting policy and a sales strategy of high product flow rate. In the meantime, 759STORE keeps expanding its shop network, actively searching for new sites in residential areas where suitable for providing good service to HK local residents.

    As of March 2015, the shop number of 759STORE had reached 247. 759STORE further expands its procurement spectrum by introducing much more high quality products with more reasonable prices, doing its best to provide leisurely and comfortable shopping experience and consumption model with wide variety of products to our HK local residents.